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Sweden 4 - Russia 5

By Martin & Frederick, 02/26/15, 12:15AM CST


The sun was shining over The Guidant John Rose Oval when the teams entered the ice and got ready for the national anthems. After a minor technical problem with the sound system the judges started the game. Sweden's game did not quite come up to a level that we are used to see the swedish team play and especially the defensive line seemed to have some problems with their positions. Olga Shirokova opend the goal scoring when she stole the ball and lifted a backhand worthy Mats Wilander in Ellen Ahrnbergs right cross.
Russia's second goal came after a situation when Sweden played unnecessarily difficult and again let the Russians steal the ball. Ellen Ahrnberg made a magnificent save but in the following situation Russia scored 0-2. The Swedish team managers thought it was time to get control of the game and took a timeout. It would prove to be a good move when Sweden could reduce on a freestroke shortly afterwards. Sanna Gustafsson got the ball to Matilda Plan who scored a great goal beating the russian goalkeeper from a distance. Before the first half was over, the Swedes also had time to score 2-2 when Matilda Plan gave the ball to Agnes Sundell who speeded away from the russian defenders and put the ball in the back of the net. 
The second half began the same way as the first. Alena Starovoitova was able to give Russia the lead. A few minutes later Emma Nilsson played the ball to Jenny Stadin who used her powerful skating to score. When Sweden then got a corner Emma Nilsson shot a really nice shot and Sweden was in the lead for the first time.
Almost directly after Russia got a corner which Tatiana Kuznetsova got to Yekaterina Kedrova who scored. In the very last minute of the game the Russians also scored the winning goal by Alena Starovoitova.
Sweden made a mediocre effort and got into the most situations halfheartedly while the Russians played very physical and hard causing the Swedish players off balance.
/Martin and Fredrik