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American Bandy Association

About ABA

The American Bandy Association is the governing body of the sport of bandy in the United States, and its representative in the International Bandy Federation. The board's objective is to sustain and improve the quality and scope of bandy in the United States. 
The A.B.A. is a 15-member board that meets up to six times per year. 
  • Andrew Knutson, President
  • Chris Middlebrook, Vice President
  • John Magnuson, Treasurer
  • Neal Logan, Secretary 
  • Magnus Skold, Board Member, Director International Bandy
  • Scott Arundel, Board Member
  • Dawn Blaney, Board Member
  • Kevin Bowen, Board Member
  • Kelly Engebretson, Board Member
  • Chris Halden , Board Member
  • Steve Jecha, Board Member
  • Nancy Nelson, Board Member
  • Dave Plaunt, Board Member
  • Mikael Sandberg, Board Member
  • Katie Swor, Board Member

USA Bandy Championships

Gunnar Cup Champion

1981 Minneapolis Bandolier
1982 Minneapolis Bandolier 
1983 Minneapolis Bandolier 
1984 Bagheera Blades
1985 Bagheera Blades
1986 Jesco 
1987 Slice On Ice
1988 Slice on Ice
1989 TC Rats
1990 Minnesota Reindeer
1991 Minnesota Reindeer
1992 Parkwood 
1993 Minnesota Reindeer
1994 Minnetonka Dynamo
1995 Minnesota Reindeer
1996 Sirius Minnesota
1997 Sirius Minnesota
1998 Minnetonka Dynamo
1999 Amur Tigers
2000 Minnetonka Dynamo
2001 Minneapolis Bandolier
2002 Minneapolis Bandolier
2003 Amur Tigers
2004 Minnesota Blades
2005 Minnesota Blades
2006 Minneapolis Bandolier
2007 Sirius Minnesota
2008 Minnesota Blades
2009 Minneapolis Bandolier
2010 Minneapolis Bandolier
2011 Minnesota Blades
2012 Minneapolis Bandolier
2013 Dynamo Duluth
2014 Minneapolis Bandolier
2015 Dinkytown Dukes
2016 Minneapolis Bandolier
2017 Dinkytown Dukes
2018 Minneapolis Bandolier

2019 Tonka Bay Bombers 

2020 Minneapolis Bandolier

North American Cup Tournament Champion (Outdoor)

1985 OLS (Finland) 

1986 Bagheera Blades 
1987 Minneapolis Bandolier 
1988 Vesta (Finland) 
1989 Reindeer (Glasnost Version) 
1990 Reindeer 
1991 Reindeer 
1992 Stabek 
1993 Stabek 
1994 Stabek 
1995 Minnetonka Dynamo 
1996 Sirius Minnesota 
1997 Sirius Minnesota 
1998 Minneapolis Bandolier 
1999 Sirius Minnesota 
2000 Minnetonka Dynamo 
2001 Minneapolis Bandolier 
2002 Minneapolis Bandolier 
2003 Minneapolis Bandolier 
2004 NO TOURNAMENT (Weather) 
2005 Minneapolis Bandolier 
2006 Amur Tigers 
2007 Minnesota Blades 
2008 Minneapolis Bandolier 
2009 Minneapolis Bandolier 
2010 Twin City Ice Tigers
2011 Minneapolis Bandolier
2012 Minnesota Blades
2013 Minneapolis Bandolier
2014 Minneapolis Bandolier
2015 Dinkytown Dukes
2016 NO TOURNAMENT (Weather) 
2017 Dinkytown Dukes
2018 Mississippi MoJo
2019 Tonka Bay Bombers

Cannon Cup Champion (U.S. Rink Bandy League)

1985 Twin City Rats
1986 Twin City Rats
1987 Twin City Rats
1988 Minneapolis Bandolier
1989 Minneapolis Bandolier
1990 Parkwood 
1991 Reindeer
1992 Minneapolis Bandolier
1993 Reindeer
1994 Reindeer
1995 Duluth
1996 Duluth
1997 Rowbikers
1998 Uptown Comets
1999 Amur Tigers
2000 Amur Tigers
2001 Amur Tigers
2002 Minnehaha Maulers
2003 Uptown Comets
2004 Roseville Raiders
2005 Gustie Bandits
2006 Gustie Bandits
2007 Gustie Bandits
2008 Gustie Bandits
2009 Brite Air Aviators
2010 Spanky's BC
2011 Sirius BK
2012 Sirius BK
2013 SLP Orioles
2014 Minnehaha Maulers
2015 Flying Sparrows
2016 Spanky's BC
2017 Tonka Bay Bombers
2018 Tonka Bay Bomber

2019 Flying Sparrows


North American Cup Tournament Champion (Rink Bandy)

1987 Palokan Pyry (Finland)

1988 Vaasa (Finland)

1989 Minneapolis Bandolier

1990 Minneapolis Bandolier

1991 Parkwood

1992 Switch Its

1993 Parkwood

1994 Stabek

1995 Minnesota Reindeer

1996 Rowbike International

1997 Gunflint Lakers

1998 Amur Tigers

1999 Amur Tigers

2000 Amur Tigers

2001 Duluth

2002 Duluth

2003 Minnehaha Maulers

2004 Duluth

2005 Roseville Raiders

2006 Minnesota Blades

2007 Minneapolis Bandolier

2008 Minneapolis Bandolier

2009 Dynamo Duluth

2010 Minnesota Blades

2011 Minneapolis Bandolier

2012 Minnehaha Maulers

2013 Minnesota Blades

2014 Dinkytown Dukes 

2015 Brite Air Bandyts

2016 Grain Belt River Bandits

2017 Diamond Lakers

2018 Daddy's Dozen

2019 The Great Danes



USA Bandy Milestones

1973: First discussions between the International Bandy Federation and the American Softball Association regarding sport exchange to help introduce Bandy into the United States.

December 1976: Bob Kojetin, Chairman of Edina Parks & Recreation, sponsors the first Bandy clinic in the U.S. in Edina, Minnesota.

December 1979: Bob Kojetin builds Lewis Park Bandy Rink in Edina, Minnesota and the first Bandy game in the U.S. occurs there between the Swedish Junior National Team and Swedish Elite Club Brobergs IF.

December 1980: Swedish instructor and Bandy Missionary Gunnar Fast arrives in Minneapolis to start the first U.S. Bandy League.

December 1980: First U.S. Bandy Club  "Bandolier" is formed.

Jan/Feb 1981: First U.S. Bandy League with 7 teams competing. Bandolier is first U.S. Champion.

February 1981: American Bandy Association is formed and becomes member of International Bandy Federation.

October 1981: U.S. Bandy Team travels to Sweden for first international competitions, playing 4 games against Swedish Elite Teams. Duane Pederson scores first U.S. goal in international competition.

December 1982: Second U.S. Bandy Rink built in Bloomington, Minnesota.

February 1983: Bandolier wins US Championship with 3rd consecutive undefeated season, 21-0 total record.

October 1983: 3 time U.S. Champion Bandolier becomes first U.S. team to compete in World Club Team Championships in Ljusdal Sweden. Chris Halden scores first U.S. goal in that tournament. First U.S. international victory as Bandolier beats Swedish club Åby/Tjureda IF 2-0. Bandolier then travel to Norway and in first U.S. National team match loses 6-1 to Norway. Michael Blessing scores first U.S. National Team goal. Three U.S. players remain in Sweden for the winter to play for Swedish teams, Chris Middlebrook, Jeff Johnson and Steve Swenson.

December 1983: Third U.S. Bandy Rink built in Roseville, Minnesota.

October 1984: U.S. Team Bagheera Blades takes 6 time defending Swedish Champion Boltic to the wire before losing 2-1 in World Club Team Championships in Ljusdal, Sweden.

December 1984: First North American Cup Bandy tournament played at all 3 Minnesota rinks with teams from Finland, Sweden, Norway and the U.S. competing. Finnish Champion OLS defeats Swedish club Essinge 4-2 in the Championship.

February 1985: U.S. National Team competes for the first time in Bandy World Championships held in Oslo, Norway. Dave Reichel scores first U.S. goal in World Championships.

June 1985: First Rink Bandy league formed in the U.S. by Tom Howard. T.C. Rats win first championship.

November 1985: Bagheera Blades become first U.S. team to play in Finland. Dave Reichel becomes first American to play for Swedish Elite Team when he joins Edsbyn.

March 1987: Minnesota Women's Bandy Federation is formed.

July 1987: First North American Rink Bandy Cup is played at Golden Valley Ice Arena. Palokan Pyry of Finland beats T.C. Rats 7-5 in the Championship.

November 1987: Karen Jamison becomes first American woman to play for Swedish Bandy Club when she plays for IK Göta of Stockholm.

February 1988: U.S. Bandy Team plays for first time in the Soviet Union, playing in Abakan, Siberia in the Russian Government Cup.

April 1988: U.S. Women's Bandy Team travels overseas for the first time, playing in rink Bandy tournament in Sweden.

October 1989: U.S. Women's Team wins first international game beating Holland in Women's World Rink Bandy Championships.

January 1990: The World Champion Soviet Union Bandy Team visits Minnesota playing 2 matches vs U.S. National Team and also playing in the Glasnost Cup.

March 1990: U.S. Men compete in Hungary for the first time.

December 1990: First youth program begins in the U.S. at Lewis Park in Edina.

March 1991: U.S. Men wins first B Pool World Championships in Finland.

March 1992: U.S. Women play internationally on the big ice for the first time at tournament in Ljusdal, Sweden.

February 1993: U.S. Men again win B Pool at World Championships in Hamar, Norway. Chris Middlebrook and Chris Halden become first Americans to play 100 international matches.

December 1993: First artificially refrigerated Bandy rink in USA opens, the John Rose Oval in Roseville, Minnesota.

February 1995: Magnus Sköld is Tournament Chairman, as Bandy World Championships are held for the first time ever in the USA, at the John Rose Oval.

October 1996: First U.S. youth team, led by Nancy Nelson, participates overseas in week long trip to Sweden.

November 1996: Rick Haney becomes first American to play for Norwegian Elite Bandy Club.

December 1997: First international Youth tournament held in the U.S. at the John Rose Oval.

February 1998: First U.S. Referee Team to referee international tournament as Rob Goldnick, Paul Meehl and John Hedenstrom referee the Asian/Pacific Cup in Chabarovsk, Russia.

January 1999: Steve Jecha, who had played in 4 previous World Championships as a fullback for the USA is the Goalkeeper for the USA in the  A Pool World Championships in Archangelsk, Russia.

August 2000: Nancy Nelson and Chris Middlebrook organize the first "American International Summer Bandy School" which debuts at Roseville Ice Arena.

March 2001: First U.S. Referee Team, Rob Goldnick, Paul Meehl and John Hedenstrom to referee in World Bandy Championships in Oulu, Finland.

November 2000 to January 2003: Bandolier go 33 games without a loss in U.S. Elite League.

March 2002: Rob Goldnick plays 5 games for U.S. National Team in Russian Government Cup in Archangelsk, and also referees 6 games in the same tournament.

March 2003: Chris Halden plays in his 200th international match during Bandy World Championships in Archangelsk, Russia.

February 2004: U.S. Women compete in inaugural Women's Bandy World Championships in Lappeenranta, Finland. Kevin Bowen becomes first US Referee to work a World Championship Final Match

June 2005 - August 2009: Gustie Bandits/Brite Air Aviators franchise wins a record 5 straight Cannon Cups Championships.

February 2006: U.S. hosts Women's Bandy World Championships at the John Rose Oval.

October 2006: USA boys team competes for first time in Russia. Defeats Moscow Dynamo U15 8-5 in first match.

February 2007: U.S. Women tie World Champion Sweden 0-0 in Bandy World Championships.

January 2010: Steve Nelson completes his USA National Team Career with a goal vs Canada on January 30 making him 3rd in scoring all time among all players in Bandy World Championship history with 76 points. His first goal was in 1997 World Championship on February 8 vs Norway.

March 2012: Chris Middlebrook wins 14th and final U.S. Championship as a player for Bandolier.

July 2012: Ian Middlebrook becomes first American to live and train in Russia, with Russian Elite Team Vodnik.

October 2012: Emil Furcht becomes first American to play for Finnish Elite Bandy Club.

January 2014: Rick Haney, in his 18th World Championships, competes in 100th World Championship match, which was also his 200th international match.

February 2014: Jon Keseley scores 95 total goals in the 2013-14 season, playing for the Bandolier, and the U.S. National Team.

March 2014: First USA youth bandy championships held for U17 and U 15 Boys and Girls.

October 2014: USA Bandy Hall of Fame inducts original 6 members.

November 2014: Tom Howard becomes first American to be Head Coach of Swedish Bandy Team, Division One Ale Surte.

February 2015: USA hosts Girls U17 World Championships. Championship Match refereed by all USA crew, Eric Hemmesch (HR), Shane Lines (AR), Steve Shinn (AR), Dave Plaunt (4th), Kevin Bowen (Sup'r).

February 2016: Rick Haney competes in his 20th World Championship, the all time record among all players, in Ulyanovsk, Russia.

February 2018: US Men's National Team defeats Norway for the first time. 3-2 in the World Championships in Khabarovsk, Russia

February 2018: USA Women's National Team, competing in US Men's Division One league, wins Championship

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