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2014 North American Cup of Rink Bandy

By USA Bandy 09/07/2014, 9:30am CDT

Player draft to set team rosters for 29th Annual Tournament


The draft room was buzzing all evening at Rink Bandy Central in Minnetonka on Wednesday night. The NAC Chairman and high-level USA Bandy officials presided over the player draft by the 4 captains to determine team rosters for the 29th Annual North American Cup of Rink Bandy.


Andrew Knutson made the picks for the storied and gloried Minneapolis Bandoliers. Davis Plaunt will introduce his Duluth-Minneapolis fusion bandy style into the tournament with the Lowry Hill Lizards. Chris Halden brought his decades of bandy expertise together when drafting the Bakial Lakers. John Arundel picked the Dinkytown Dukes, soon to be a household name.


After Wednesday's player draft a flurry of big names were being offered on the trading block. Pieces for a blockbuster deal between the Dukes, Bandoliers, and Lakers in order to keep family members together would have seen several first round picks change sides. However, the deal fell apart with at least one of the managers walking away from the table, happy with the team he picked, and at the end of the day all 4 rosters remain as the managers originally drafted.

The Cup may well have been won or lost already after Wednesday evening’s player draft. Questions running through managers minds the next several days include: late round sleeper team coming to play; an early round flop dragging a team under (more than a few candidates).


Which one of these teams will be able to come together quick enough during the two day tournament to advance to the NAC Championship match on Monday, September 15th?


Who will be able to keep it all together and raise the North American Cup of Rink Bandy for the 29th time?


Sharpen your steel, tape up your Klubban, and dust off your chinstrap; the 29th annual North American Cup of Rink Bandy is ready to hit the ice!

The 29th Annual North American Cup of Rink Bandy

By USA Bandy 08/27/2014, 11:45am CDT

New venues, dates, and a ‘fantasy draft’ format highlight this year’s tournament

The ABA, in conjunction with the NAC Chairman and the USRBL, are thrilled to announce several new and exciting changes for the 2014 North American Cup of Rink Bandy.

The tournament will once again be a showcase of the top rink bandy players in North America. As in previous years, four teams will compete in round robin pool play, with the top two clubs advancing to face off for the championship.  Pool play will take place across two consecutive days; Monday, September 8th at the Plymouth Ice Center beginning at 6:30PM, and then at the Parade Ice Garden on Tuesday, September 9th starting at 6:45PM. The championship match for the North American Cup will be the following Monday, September 15th, 8:15PM at the Plymouth Ice Center.


USA Bandy legend Chris Halden, former National Team captain Steve Nelson, and current U.S. National Team members Andrew Knutson and Dave Plaunt will captain four teams competing for the cup. A player pool of the finest 25-30 skaters and 4-6 goalies is currently being put together for these four captains to draft their teams from.


The NAC player draft will be taking place at 7PM on Wednesday, September 3rd at the USRBL home office in Minnetonka, Minnesota;


15500 Minnetonka Blvd.

Minnetonka, MN 55345


All eligible players, as well as the bandy community are encouraged to attend this unique event. The excitement of hearing your name called, the agony of waiting, this year’s draft promises to be full of drama. Will Jon Keseley go first overall, or possibly slip out of the first round all together? How soon will goalies be coming off the board? Will Andrew Knutson make a play for his brother Peter early on? These are just a few of the riveting storylines to be played out at the draft on Wednesday, September 3rd.


If you would like to be considered for the draft pool and have not yet been contacted by USA Bandy officials, please e-mail or


Keep an eye on for further details, including announcement of the draft order, and a report on some of the top prospects in this year’s competition.