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Finland F17 National Team News

Game 1 MVP - Miisa Klemola

Game 2 MVP - Jenny Isaksson

Game 3 MVP - Ida Estlander

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Highlights of the Tourney Recap!

The USA hosted F17 Bandy World Championships were recapped by NBC Universal's Podium 360. Watch it here:

USA-Finland 4-3

By Frederick & Martin 02/26/2015, 9:30pm CST

The second and last game of the day was between USA and Finland. USA with a furious pace and skated hard and really worked for each other and for us on the stands that had never seen the US play bandy they where a pleasant surprise. But it was Finland how broke the tally when Miisa Klemola went through the USA defense and scored. Team USA played really good and showed great technique and really good stick handling when they challenged on Finlands side of the pitch. Deservingly the equalized after a tricky situation in front of goal. Goalscorer was Siri Hanson assisted by Madysen Palmer. 


The US started controlling the game more and more and at the same time Finland had to rely on counter-attacks but they lacked a little bit of sharpness in front of goal. Just before half-time the american goalkeeper accidentally threw the ball right to Finlands Miisa Klemola who easily scored 1-2 Finland. 1-2 was also the half time result. 


In the second half Finland scored once again when Sara Huhtaniska picked up a rebound from the american goalkeeper after she had made a outstanding save and the score was now 1-3. This is where a classic american comeback started when Isabel Bianchi picked up a rebound close to goal and put the ball in the back of the net. This gave the american team energy and especially Isabel Bianchi who also scored a beautiful goal to make it 3-3. Bianchi was on fire and shortly after the 3-3 goal one of Finlands defenders sliped and lost the ball and who was there? Exactly Kate Cressy who rushed to net and made it 4-3 to Team USA.

Finland vs Sweden 2-12

By Frederick & Martin 02/26/2015, 9:30pm CST

Sweden bounced back from yesterdays debacle against Russia and made the process short against their neighbors Finland. The first half was a bit sloppy from both teams and it was clear that it’s still early in the tournament. Sweden showed great character as a team and with a mixture of great individual performances by Vilma Josefsson, Sanna Gustafsson and Julia Norrman to name a few witch helped Sweden to their first win in the tournament. In team Finland there was one player who once again stood out from the rest and that was Miisa Klemola who scored once. The other Finnish goal was scored from the penalty spot by number 10 Jenny Isaksson.

Most valuable player in Sweden: Julia Norrman
Mot Valuable player in Finland: Jenny Isaksson